Upcoming Events
America's Hockey Showcase
April 9-13
Can Am Adult Ice Hockey Tournament
April 24-26
Madden's Inline & Dek Tournament
April 24-26


Robert Morris University Island Sports Center is the region's premier sports and recreation destination, located on Neville Island -- just nine miles from downtown Pittsburgh.

Open to the public year-round, our 32 acre state-of-the-art center is committed to providing the highest quality facilities, training, events, services, and family entertainment for guests of all ages.

For information, please call 412-397-3335.

The Island Sports Center now proudly accepts American Express!

Both ice stick time and public skate times change from time to time. To stay up-to-date on current changes and to obtain additional information, please visit the Public Skate and Stick Time Schedules pages.

Would you like to take your game to the "next level?" If so, click on logo, visit www.playmakershockeycorp.com, or call 412-496-7058 to find out how!